Tarax Show Christmas Pantomimes
on DVD

A Window into a Unique Era of Childrens Television

The Christmas Pantomimes were a different level of production from the daily Happy/Tarax Show, and the latter ones had high production values by the standards of the day. Almost all of them have been preserved on 16mm film. They represent perhaps the richest surviving record from the era of the original Happy/Tarax Show — the period 1957 to 1964.

Bringing the Christmas Pantomimes to DVD

The family of Denzil Howson is working towards releasing some or all of the surviving Christmas Pantomimes on DVD.

This will provide a unique and rare glimpse into the early days of children’s television in Melbourne and an opportunity to see once again popular Happy/Tarax Show personalities such as Gerry Gee, Ron Blaskett, King Corky, Joffa Boy, Patti McGrath, Susan-Gaye Anderson, Elaine McKenna, Bernard the Magician, Uncle Norman and Professor Ratbaggy.

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Restoring the Christmas Pantomimes for DVD Release

Progress on the restoration of the Tarax Show Christmas Pantomimes for DVD release is being covered in the Film Restoration Blog.