The Golden Princess

For the 1961 Christmas Pantomime, “The Golden Princess”, Denzil Howson chose a “Persian” theme, with the action taking place in old Bhagdad. The GTV9 staff produced some beautiful, brightly coloured studio sets and costumes (even though television in 1962 was only black and white). The production again included original songs with lyrics by Denzil and music by Margot Sheridan plus old standards such as “Drifting Down the Shalimar”, “The Road to Morocco” and “In a Persian Market”.


Ali Gerry Gee and Blaskett Al Tisket A’ Tasket arrive in Bhagdad where they meet the beggar Pasha and witness the arrival of Caliph Rashid El Mocca, who is betrothed to the Sheik’s daughter, Princess Fatima. But to the distress of the Sheik and the Begum, Princess Fatima has disappeared from the royal palace. Gerry Gee befriends Fatima at the bazaar and she gives Gerry half of her locket. She returns to the Palace and is presented to the Caliph, but refuses to marry him. Insulted, the Caliph secretly commands his magician, Abou Hassan, to cast a spell over the ungrateful girl. Meanwhile we learn that Ahmed, the Lord High Chamberlain, is plotting to marry his daughter Badoura to the Caliph instead. Ahmed conspires with the the Caliph to add a poison pill to the princess’s drink. Fatima drinks the potion and, like the Sleeping Beauty, collapses into a slumber from which she cannot be woken. The Sheik issues a proclamation seeking anyone who can wake the princess, but to no avail. Ali Gerry Gee, Blaskett Al Tisket A’ Tasket and Pasha go to the palace to try their luck at waking the princess. Gerry realises that the locket he was given by the girl at the bazaar matches the one worn by the princess. The princess wakes to the joy of everyone and Gerry Gee is named her prince charming. Gerry and the princess marry.


Frank RichCaliph Rashid El Mocca
Patti McGrathPrincess Fatima
Frank WilsonSheik Ben Ali
Rosie SturgessThe Begum, Amina
Alan RoweThe Magician, Abou Hassan
Joff EllenThe Beggar, Pasha
Ron BlaskettBlaskett Al Tisket a’ Tasket
Gerry GeeAli Gerry Gee
Ken WarneLord High Chamberlain, Ahmed
Susan-Gaye AndersonBadoura
Eddie EvansMinstrel
Sloppo, Droppo and HoppoThe Clowns
Others credited as appearing: Sandra Power, Michael Horowitz, Alf Broadway
Dancers and Chorus
The Junior Nines
The Maydowns Dancers
Musical Numbers
A Caliph Brave and Bold (original)
Pasha, the Dasher (original)
The Sheik of Araby
Drifting Down the Shalimar
In a Persion Market
Road to Morocco
Abdul the Bul Bul Ameer
The Magicians Song (original, Alan Rowe)
Sung as a Bug (original)
Happiness Time (original)
Margot SheridanPiano
Laurie WilsonOrgan
Billy HunterDrums
Margot SheridanMusical Director
Valmai EnnorChoreography
Sava CanakisCostumes
Elizabeth WilkinsonMakeup
Stephen KellerDesigner
Doug WoodingLighting
Phil BurnsAudio
Technical DirectorLance Beal
Garry StewartFloor Manager
Russell SeftonDirector
Denzil HowsonWriter and Producer
Production Details
Duration50 minutes
Production DateNot documented.
LocationStudio One, GTV9, Melbourne.