Tarax Show Memories

Pioneering Children’s Television in 1957

Denzil Howson

Denzil Howson was the originator of the Tarax Show and co-produced it from 1957–1963. He also wrote and produced “The Adventures of Gerry Gee”, “Around the World with Gerry Gee” and the Tarax Show Christmas Pantomimes.

Gerry Gee and The Tarax Show

Ron Blaskett

Gifted ventriloquist Ron Blaskett introduced Gerry Gee to Melbourne audiences on the Tarax Show. Gerry was cheeky, loveable, quick-thinking and smart. He became a star in his own right.

The Early Years of the Tarax Show

Susan-Gaye Anderson

Susan-Gaye Anderson was seen regularly on the Happy/Tarax Show. She also appeared in The Adventures of Gerry Gee and in the Tarax Show Christmas Pantomimes.

Growing Up With the Tarax Show

Paul Howson

As a child, Paul Howson watched the Happy/Tarax Show on TV and visited GTV9 with his father, Denzil Howson. He went on location for filming of “The Adventures of Gerry Gee” and witnessed the recording of the Christmas Pantomimes.

My Life as Gerry Gee’s Double

John Field

As a schoolboy, John Field lived in East Malvern, next door to the Howson family. He appeared as Gerry Gee’s double in “The Adventures of Gerry Gee”.

An Animated Subject

Denzil Howson

Denzil Howson takes a more detailed look at The Adventures of Gerry Gee, how the series was developed and the innovative qualities of this early children’s adventure series produced on film.

Christmas Pantomime Antics

Garry Stewart

Garry Stewart was on the staff of GTV9 and appeared in a number of the Tarax Show Christmas Pantomimes, doubling in the role of studio Floor Manager.