The Adventures of Gerry Gee at the NFSA — A New Acquisition

Earlier this year I paid a visit to the National Film and Sound Archive Melbourne office and met with Helen Tully who is responsible for acquisitions of broadcast materials. The NFSA has recently acquired a 16mm reel containing two episodes of The Adventures of Gerry Gee — both from the story “Gerry at Gigantic”. (You can find a catalog entry for this acquisition here.)

The NFSA have scanned this new reel on their Scanity film scanner and Helen was able to show me a preview of the reel. The NFSA’s focus is on collecting and preserving. Copyright restrictions (often complex) and lack of resources limit how many materials they can make publicly available. However it is possible to request copies of holdings. Wouldn’t it be great to get these episodes up on The Tarax Show website!